Cake Pricing Calculator

Do you find it difficult to price your cakes and baked goods? Our pricing calculator makes it quick and easy to work out exactly how much you should be charging for your baked goods.

To calculate the price for your product, simply add in your time, your overhead costs and your various recipes and supplies. It's that easy!

Creating & Managing Recipes

We make it easy for you to add your own recipes and work out accurate pricing for them based off your ingredient list. If you change a price for an ingredient your recipe will automatically change as well.

You can scale your recipes or change it completely to suite any tin size or shape using the Tin Size Calculator.

Manage Ingredients & Supplies

Adding your Ingredients & Supplies is quick and easy and has been optimised for mobile phones. So whether you're in the local grocery store or browsing your suppliers online, updating and managing prices is quick and easy.

Quickly Add Products to Orders

We know there are many cakers who already have a good idea of their prices and just want to create & schedule their orders.

With the "Quick Product" option, you can add items to your order in no time & create your first order without ever having to add a single ingredient or recipe.

Cake Template Designer

Use our online Cake Template Designer to plan and design your masterpieces easily. Simply add your tiers, pick your size and shape and preview your design. Add to your design using a range of different design objects, including bows, flowers, plaques and shapes.

Once you're all done, simply print out your template and add more details to it or share it with your client for approval.

Accept Online Payments

Accepting payments or taking booking deposits for your orders has never been easier.

Simply connect your Bake Diary account to either your Stripe or Square account and get paid directly into your bank account with them.

Manage Customers & Suppliers

Building strong relationships with customers and suppliers is crucial for any business. View previous orders as well as add important information such as allergies for each customer.

Add important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries and include them in your calendar as reminders to build better customer engagement.

Track everything on your Calendar

Your event calendar is the simplest way to view your availability. Calendar events such as appointments, consultations, holidays, etc. can be easily created and added to your calendar.

All orders and important customer dates are automatically added to your event calendar so you always know how busy you are.

Set Reminders & Create Tasks

Use the task manager to create and set reminders for yourself to do those all important tasks, such as sending out wedding cake design sketches, ordering specific cake supplies or simply as a shopping cart list for when you put your next stock order in.

You will also receive an automatic email with all your orders and tasks in as a reminder at the start of each week.

Track Expenses & Mileage

Record business expenses quickly and effortlessly and track your mileage for your trips out to the grocery store directly onto your mobile.

Perfect for your end of year accounts.

Reporting Tools

Choose from a range of different reports include Expenses & Spenditure, Cake Order breakdown, Baking Lists, etc.

Having access to all of this information is vital to make sure your business is as successful as it can be.

Tailored to suit you

Every cake decorator and home baker is different and unique. Bake Diary allows you to fully customise your experience while using it. You have the ability to create your own cake and cupcake types, add your "secret" fillings and frostings as well as choose which products you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about Bake Diary why not look at some of our answers for the more frequently asked questions.

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